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Next Generation Currency aims to help the transition between visionaries  (early adopters) and pragmatists (early majority).

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WhAT is Next generation currency? 

Since 2017, the team of Next Generation Currency is fully involved into Bitcoin, fintech and cryptocurrencies ecosystems

Next Generation Currency (NGC) is an agency that delivers services and products regarding communication, education and information for companies, startups and communities. Our expertise is vertical on Bitcoin protocol, Blockchain and DLT technologies, Decentralized Applications (dApps), Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Cryptoassets and Cryptocurrencies.

Our services are:

📚 Education Consultancies

📰 Marketing and Communication Strategy

📱 Social Media Management and Content Creation

📊 Market Analysis and Technical Research

✒️ SEO Writing and Technical Writing

📈 Business Development and Growth

Jacopo Sesana

Co-Founder and Partner

Jacopo was one of the co-founders of NGC at the beginning of 2017. Majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economy (PPE). His experience is related to Bitcoin, dApps and Self-Sovereign Identity from an economic and technology point of views. Over the years, he has worked for many projects and companies, mostly for R&D, project management and communication.

gabriele Sabbatini

 Co-Founder and Partner

Gabriele was one of the co-founders of NGC at the beginning of 2017. His expertise is related to the Bitcoin world from a legal and financial standpoint. Over the last years, he has worked on several project as a business developer and technology consultant in bitcoin trading and payment industries. Furthermore, he is the CEO and founder of Hercle, a start-up which develops high-frequency trading solutions tailored for cryptomarkets.


Emanuele Coscia

Co-Founder and Partner

Emanuele was one of the co-founders of NGC at the beginning of 2017. His expertise is related to the Bitcoin world from an economic and financial point of view. Over the years he has written several articles and produced informative content aimed at making cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology understood in the simplest way possible.

francesco galati


Graduated in European Studies and International Business Francesco has extensive experience in the blockchain industry: first as a Biz Dev and then as Project Manager for the United Nations in Malaysia, where he also began producing content for an Asian VC Fund. Francesco is specialized in B2B sales and Business Development, given his experience as Biz Dev Manager for WizKey and his current role as Biz Dev for IntoTheBlock.

gherardo lattazzi


Majored in International Business Trading and Development. Developed his carreer in Venture Capital space as analyst for different token funds. Currently in the AI*blockchain intersection doing Crypto Data Analytics. Provided strategic consulting, including HTF startups, web3.

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